Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nervous in the LSU Footprint

A "Right of Way Specialist" from Volkert dropped off this card last night in the home of one LSU Footprint resident, according to a friend.  Green spraypaint was also painted on the sidewalk out front.  The resident has not signed any papers at this point, and she does not believe the building has been sold - once again, I fear that expropriation may have occurred without effective notice.

Late in the day today, a bulldozer appeared in the lot next door (*Both photos submitted).

* * * * *
Additionally, some other residents of the LSU Footprint appeared in court today in Baton Rouge due to troubles they've been facing due to the project.  Here's what a friend sent me late yesterday:

"I spoke to a woman who is going to court in Baton Rouge tomorrow to fight for fair compensation for her house.  After being lied to by Voelkert in order to get her to sign papers she shouldn't have signed, she sought legal council from Atty. Shafer to fight expropriation.  They appealed to the State three weeks ago but received notice in the mail just yesterday that her court date is for tomorrow at 2:00PM!"

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