Thursday, November 4, 2010

"This is America."

Mr. Greg Guth noted this today, with a bit of exasperation and irony, as he spoke to members of the Committee to Reopen Charity outside a courtroom at Civil District Court in New Orleans.

He tried to explain, for the benefit of those gathered, the many ways he, his property, and his business have been wronged throughout the site preparation process for the new hospital - the building was expropriated, he has not yet been able to access the compensation for his building, he hasn't been given appropriate funds to move his business under the Uniform Relocation Act, etc.

After a very brief bit of interaction with Judge Imbornogne, Guth received an extension, contingent upon payment of a sum to the clerk by end of business Monday, on his appeal challenging an eviction order from the premises at Outer Banks Bar in the VA Footprint.

As he roughly translated for the group outside the door, that means he has "another month" if no other legal action is taken against him.  It certainly seems, however, that such a time period may be too long in the eyes of the developing parties, and I would not at all be surprised if the legal situation changes in coming days and weeks.

Another legal complaint by a number of Footprint residents and property owners was being heard in Baton Rouge today - I am still seeking details on that suit or suits.

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