Thursday, November 4, 2010

VA Footprint Houses Head into Hoffman Triangle

A new colony of moved VA Footprint homes continues to emerge along First Street above S. Claiborne in Hoffman Triangle, part of the greater Central City area, not far from the old Calliope projects.

I headed out amidst the rain the other day to snap a shot of the homes as they're settling slowly into their new locations.  So, the shots look a bit gray.

As you can see, the homes are sitting up rather high on piers, many temporary - likely raised basement homes in waiting.  But it's good to see them being placed sustainably for the moment since the area flooded rather heavily during Katrina.

The immediate neighborhood is in rather rough shape, to be frank.  So the influx of houses, in my opinion, stands to re-anchor a struggling neighborhood - sort of like putting down strong new roots where things have too often washed away.

The LSU/VA Hospitals are a dark cloud for many who lived and/or live inside the Footprint.

But the house moving effort, if anything, is a silver lining - one that won't be fully discernible, I'd wager, until a few years have passed.

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