Saturday, January 29, 2011

Updated Map of VA House Moving Destination Lots

I've updated the Google Map I created which depicts the destination lots of the over 70 houses moved off the VA Hospital Footprint here in New Orleans since September, 2010.

There's only one that is likely not reflected properly here, from what I can tell - the house on Conti that was moved a second time this January.

View LSU/VA Hospitals Footprint - Lower Mid-City, New Orleans in a larger map

It's very interesting to note that about 10 houses have landed in lots that are now potentially in the path of projected development associated with the "consolidated scheme" for BioDistrict New Orleans.


Anonymous said...

A number of the houses are clustered in Broadmoor. This is significant because local media have repeatedly inferred that houses were being moved to sites in MidCity, presumably with the owners who returned and fixed them after Katrina.

Broadmoor is not MidCity and is historically far more flood-prone than the places from which the houses were moved. Broadmoor developed almost half a century later than Lower MidCity and is historically, culturally and architecturally quite dissimilar from MidCity. Houses moved from MidCity into Broadmoor, as well as those being moved to Central City or New Marigny, are being removed from their architectural and cultural context. Those houses relocated to the once largely German 19th century neighborhoods along Iberville and Bienville, are at least being placed in more plausible cultural and architectural context but even they have arrived at their destinations as salvaged fragments, rather than as intact historic structures.

Because of what mainstream media have failed to report about the house moving process, it is likely there is a general public misunderstanding that the people who struggled to rebuild their Lower MidCity homes after Katrina have, with few exceptions, not moved with their homes. The clustering of the moved houses does not indicate re-settlement patterns of neighborhood residents and property owners.

Is there any data or mapping available for where the PEOPLE have gone?

Brad V said...

I do not believe any maps or data exist of where all the people have gone - that's going to be far more difficult to obtain.

You're right to point out that often-overlooked fact: besides two owners, nobody moved "with the houses" that have been transported off the site.

Now that the state says it will move houses off the LSU Footprint, there's an opening - write a letter to the TP suggesting that the owners/occupants of the houses moved off the LSU Footprint actually move "with" the houses. There are still many people living in the LSU Footprint at this stage.

And the houses, with insistence, could be moved off-site with roofs intact.

alex amarxon said...

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