Monday, January 31, 2011

"Diresto said no movable structures have been razed."

I beg to differ.

As the photo (courtesy of Sandra Stokes and annotated by yours truly) above shows, twenty structures have been demolished in the LSU Footprint since October 2010, including one - denoted with a red triangle - that was demolished after the UMC Board's consultant told all parties present that any additional site preparation risked HUD backing necessary to finance the project.  To put it in context, here's a direct quote from the powerpoint presentation made the last UMC Board Meeting:

"The construction time-line is far ahead of the financing and management structures."

While the arrows above indicate buildings that were in varying condition at time of demolition, we estimate that about 10, if not 13 of them were movable.

Additionally, I have not indicated the 18 lots that were cleared by the contractors.

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