Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The VA Footprint looks like the aftermath of some World War I battle.  Just remember - people still live here.

The seagreen house above, Gaynell's house, appears to be in the process of getting moved off the site.

The ruins of the gray house at 214 S. Tonti, which had a fantastic facade, lie at the head of a lake that continues to form due to rain and a bubbling spring that appears to be coming from a broken water pipe in the street nearby.

Here's a view of the space where Wally Thurman's house once stood.  Off on the right, the gray house, a camelback, is still occupied.

Back on S. Galvez, Ruth Sanderson's house from Palmyra, the last house on its entire city block square, awaits final extraction from the site.  Far off in the distance, you can see the houses on the mud path version of S. Rocheblave Street.

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