Thursday, January 20, 2011

Riding with Roberta

I ran into the author Roberta Gratz yesterday, and we ended up on a tour of the ever-bleaker Footprint, to the extent that's now possible.  She had a journalist's mind - and some pithy insights.

Off in the distance, you'll see the former Ruth Sanderson home on what was Palmyra having its roof taken off and the front portion separated for moving.  A small batch of moves is anticipated for the near future after a long dry spell.  The gray "dogs" house at 214 S. Tonti was being salvaged, which means it will likely not be moved - which is unfortunate, given that it has one of the more distinctive and intact facades in the VA Footprint.

Here's a shot of the house as brick was being taken out, shortly before salvage got underway recently:

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