Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blast from the Past #2

A view of the VA Hospital site from S. Rocheblave, January 15, 2011.

Here's a site analysis from a May, 2006 VA Report - where the current proposed LSU Footprint alone, at 37 acres, was noted as adequate for both the VA and LSU hospitals:

As you can see above, something changed.


Anonymous said...

The next year, the Regional Planning Commission proposed a footprint that suddently jumped to Rocheblave. Throughout the 106 process, the relocated VA footprint is described in scoping documents as being the "preferred" and "RPC" site.

Brad V said...

That's right.

Anonymous said...

In early 2009, the Mayor's Office and the Office of Recovery and Development Admistration (ORDA), a recovery office once headed by Ed Blakely and Ezra Rapport, rolled out the nolamedzone website concerning VA hospital site clearance and other biomedical development projects. The RPC currently hosts the site as a public service.

"... RPC and ORDA are working to assist in the delivery of a construction-ready site for the VAMC project..."
--New Orleans CityBusiness May 30, 2009