Sunday, January 2, 2011


Not much has changed in the LSU or VA Footprints in recent weeks. A handful of people continue to live in the VA Footprint, and Outer Banks hosted a slew of Saints fans today.

While the VA Footprint is largely cleared, the LSU Footprint retains a number of buildings, including the Blood Center, the large brown building in the mid-ground below.  Charity Hospital continues to tower, vacant, over the whole scene.

On S. Tonti Street, it appears water pipes are leaking in at least two places.  Near Cleveland Avenue, it looks like a series of small springs are burbling up in a small crater in the road (perhaps they're actual springs; I'm not sure).  The water is washing down the street and flooding in front of the house at 212-14 S. Tonti, pictured above. 

This afternoon, a dog started barking inside of 214 as I passed.  I've noticed this before, and while I have no idea what's up, I found it strange.  There's water pooled in front of the front stoops of the building, as you can see.

Down the street, water from the leak and water from another smaller leak near Outer Banks flow into a sort of pond forming on the cleared lots. The S.W. Green House is visible in the background.

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