Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fencing in the VA Hospital Footprint

For several weeks now, more and more fencing has appeared around the perimeter of the VA Hospital Footprint.

While the few strips of street that remain can't be closed off until no residents or business remain, there's an increasing sense that the site is being pushed toward status as "construction site" only with no public access.

The situation for those visiting the site to take photos or video footage has been less than welcoming at times.  Here's a facebook account from someone who visited the site in recent weeks to take photos:

"the VA cops made me stop photographing the vacant hospital and threatened to seize my camera. I hadn't thought about the fact that one day the feds will likely stop us from photographing the new hospital site."

Here's another facebook account, from a visitor who tried to take photos a bit earlier in the fall:

"When I visited the area in November, I got hassled by cops five times in under an hour for taking pictures and walking around -- they don't want us to see what happened."

Just be sure to stay on the public right of way - the street and any remaining patches of sidewalk - if you visit the VA Footprint from here forward.  I've done my best to stick to that method, particularly after receiving official notice in front of a police officer from site contractors, and it generally works out.


Anonymous said...

Are photographers and videographers being hassled while shooting from the periphery, while standing on sidewalks or medians of public thoroughfares which remain dedicated public streets?

Brad V said...

Not that I know of, but I don't have full details from the people I quoted on Facebook.