Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stone Placards Removed Today from McDonogh No. 11

Shortly before our press conference this afternoon, I noticed that the two stone placards embedded over the doors of the 1879 school building had been removed, leaving underlying brick exposed.

One noted the name of the school and listed various figures and personages associated with the project.

The other commemorated the death of the two firefighters killed while fighting a blaze that destroyed the Madison School, which preceded McDonogh No. 11 on the site (link to image).

A source in the footprint informed me that OPSB, who still owns the building, came and had them removed pre-emptively.  That's encouraging, because OPSB officials seemed cognizant last week of the importance of the placards and said they were going to donate the one dedicated to the firefighters killed in the line of duty to a local firefighters' organization.

Hopefully the school will remain and the stone pieces can be put back in place.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope OPSB keeps its word to donate the memorial plaque to the FCBA.