Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Displacement - from the other end

I've been talking about displacement from Inside the Footprint, but lately, I've been privy to a different perspective.  In my own neighborhood of St. Roch, I've witnessed the trials of one LSU Footprint business that is attempting to relocate.

Cesar's Collision Center, still on S. Roman Street (where the sign was being removed today as seen above) is looking to move to a currently vacant building in St. Roch.  Among other hassles, the owner has faced criticism from some community members based on the record of earlier tenants.  He's retained an attorney, he's invited people to his current shop to show them how he operates his facility, and he's attended community meetings.  City zoning issues have been in the mix.

The process has confirmed for me that the cost of being displaced is not only the cost of hiring some moving trucks - it's an involved and oftentimes difficult process.  And it's unfortunate that numerous small business have been put through that ordeal.

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