Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Correction: "Still In Limbo"

The Deborah Brown-Cassine family, with its two small children, is "the last man standing" in the VA Footprint.

I observed yesterday, after doing my due diligence beyond what I even mentioned on the blog, that nobody remained living in the VA Footprint.  But I heard back today from Deborah, who noted that her family on Cleveland Avenue is in fact still "in limbo."

Although she hoped to move out yesterday, she is waiting for the money necessary to move, and while she has retained counsel, she has not heard from the state in some time.

Demolitions and site preparation began in the VA Footprint back in May of 2010.  When you add in the date of the first public discussion of the new "preferred site" for the VA above S. Galvez back in 2007, Deborah and her family have been in limbo for almost four years - after returning in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The continued presence of residents inside the footprint as it's been razed has been one of the most surreal aspects of the place and the process.  It's hard to believe that it actually happened.

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