Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue House Strut

A friend captured the above shot as the blue townhouse that once stood at the corner of S. Tonti Street and Cleveland Avenue pulled away from its former site yesterday and began a slow promenade across the VA Hospital Footprint in Lower Mid-City.  On the left, you'll note one of the three residences that remains in place - the gray camelback that belonged to Deborah Brown-Cassine.  On the right, you'll see one of the remaining live oaks on the last remnants of Cleveland Avenue.

By the time I arrived, the house had rumbled about halfway to its temporary destination along S. Galvez, the Orleans Shoring crews zipping around it with bobcats and front-end loaders to prepare the wood mat track.

The blue house was the last of the four "VA Houses" that are to be retained and moved intra-site by the VA for inclusion in the complex.

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