Thursday, February 17, 2011


Heading up Cleveland Avenue today in the LSU Footprint, I was surprised to see a moved house backing S. Galvez.  It's the former 2336-38 Cleveland Avenue, one of the four houses that are to be moved intra-site by the VA for incorporation as transitional housing units in the complex.  I have always heard that the four houses would be arrayed along S. Rocheblave as a means of giving the VA Hospital complex a "neighborhood edge" facing the neighborhood above S. Rocheblave.

So, while I knew that the houses were about to move, I didn't anticipate seeing any of them along S. Galvez - at the opposite end of the VA Footprint.

I haven't heard from anyone as to what prompted this maneuver.  My guess is that the anticipated "surcharging" of the site with about 6 feet of dirt may have led to this (temporary?) siting given some particular factor.  The S. Galvez end fo the footprint is also seemingly a bit higher in elevation, so perhaps it doesn't need as much surcharging.  That's speculation at this point, however.

Still, the house, as you can see above, is not on its tires like the S.W. Green house - but on wooden block towers instead.

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