Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Last People in the VA Footprint

Yesterday, Monday, it was quite apparent to me.  There was seemingly nobody left in the VA Footprint.  The metal railing had been broken down at the purple house on Cleveland.

As night fell, it was pretty much confirmed.

Karen Gadbois, roaming the city over the weekend, caught the Brown-Cassine household moving out.

Those two households were it.  Total, anachronistic, urban-renewal-style displacement is complete.  30 acres of dense, historic, urban fabric have been depopulated, wiped out as of the end of January 2011.  Hundreds of people have been forced out of their homes by the federal, state, and city levels of government.  I will not hesitate to say that the things I have witnessed and experienced in this affair have left me deeply disgusted with the incompetence, indifference, hypocrisy, and contempt of my government.

The last yellow lights of home...

...have gone out.

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