Monday, May 16, 2011

Times-Pic Focuses on Moved VA Houses



Anonymous said...

Discussions about moving homes out of the Regional Planning Commission’s “preferred” site may have been conducted in private months before official site selection by the Veterans Administration. At a public site selection scoping meeting, GNOBEDD officer James P. McNamara stated:

“I am the chairman and President of the Greater New Orleans Biosciences Economic Development District. I think that it's no accident that the regional planning commission in
the city, Tulane, LSU, the DED and all of the various agencies have come to the conclusion the correct site is the preferred site, which is Galvez, the south Rocheblave, Tulane to Canal. There will be some impacts on homes. We have had some discussion as an agency about possibly moving some of those homes and reusing them across on the other side of Canal Street in
conjunction with some activities that are required to replace homes as part of the Treme and
Lafitte housing project. The key thing to all of this is to move quickly. We can't delay any longer. Let's do it correctly. We have planned this site…” -- James P. McNamara, August 11th, 2008

Anonymous said...

Today's Times-Picayune article actually said nothing substantive about Builders of Hope other than identifying the out of state group as "the city's non-profit partner..."

While rushing to heap praise on an imperfect and incomplete house moving project, the paper has failed to question who owns each of the 73 lots where the houses are being moved and why so many houses are clustered in the exceptionally flood-prone Hoffman Triangle area of Broadmoor.