Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crews under Jacobs Engineering continue demolition in LSU Footprint

The gray side of the double shotgun at 1933-35 Cleveland Avenue now stands naked. Two buildings next to it were demolished today in the LSU Footprint.  Off in the background, the interesting rear portion of the former Canal Street Guest House is visible in light blue.

One of the buildings demolished, a strange purple creature, was tilting rather severely from the day I started walking the Footprint. The other, however, was a fine two-story corner store and residence at 1939-41 Cleveland with plenty of character despite the wear and tear of time.

Here's how it appeared after years of post-storm planner's blight imposed by the federal, state, and city governments as they marked out territory.

Both are now gone. Over 30 structures have been demolished in the LSU Footprint.  Structures that could be moved off-site based on what we saw in the VA Footprint have been summarily demolished for months now.

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