Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A good point

As readers of this blog likely know, the LSU/VA footprint is located in a much larger footprint, the footprint of "The BioDistrict." 

Here's a good point about a lack of public awareness about the BioDistrict project from a letter in the Times-Picayune today:

'Readers have been privy to stories about chickens in the Seventh Ward, nutria couture and Nicholas Cage's French Quarter exploits, but we have not seen a single piece on a neighborhood organization's effort to escape "BioDistrict New Orleans."'

The local media really should do a better job of ensuring that the public knows more about things like the BioDistrict.  The same goes for many aspects of the LSU/VA undertaking that haven't been covered over the past year.

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Anonymous said...

Viable and worthy projects have nothing to fear from public scrutiny. Just because the project is massive and involves politically-connected parties does not mean it is too big to fail or too important to be tainted. Why does this story seem untouchable in the eyes of local media?