Saturday, May 14, 2011

Positive rumblings on UMC house moving

Ostensibly, a request for bids has gone out - calling for the moving of 23 houses off the UMC or LSU Footprint.

That's great news.  We've been calling for houses to move off the site since a press conference on Cleveland Avenue in early October of 2010 - and even before that.

Unfortunately, it seems that the same method will be used for the house moving process.  Namely, the roofs will be removed.  The removal of the roofs was the key cause of problems with the last round of VA moves, and I hope that the parties involved will seek out more sympathetic methods to avoid damage to the homes.

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Anonymous said...

Who is coodinating the relocation effort on the LSU side fo the footprint? The Regional Planning Commission? Jacobs? USRisk? Volker? Somebody else?

The houses should be not be relocated until all funding is in place. Stripping and sale of architectural details should also be curtailed at this time.

Meanwhile, the Cox Cable building remains. Why has it not been expropriated or demolished?