Monday, May 9, 2011

American Institute of Architects to hold multiple presentations praising the wonders of LSU/VA

Wow.  Some people clearly have no shame.  These presentations at the AIA conference, underway here in New Orleans this week, are basically trying to gild a lump of coal.

In the first presentation, for example, I hope there's mention of Jerry Jones' recent admission that the state/UMC is in direct competition with the VA for the labor necessary to complete its proposed facility - so much so that Jones and the state are trying to rush the start of the project.  Yes, there's all kinds of collaboration and synergy.  The euphemistic treatment of the hospital projects makes a person cynical.

"Regional Medical Center Design Case Study: VA and LSU Collaborate in New Orleans"

"Participants will learn how the co-location of the two medical centers creates a synergy vital to serving the New Orleans region, how the downtown location contributes to the revitalization of the city, and how the location and design of the center integrates sustainable design to connect a regional public health vision with regional environmental health."


"Restoring Urban Infrastructure: Project Legacy in New Orleans"

"This session brings together a design team member, a consulting engineer, and a technology leader to examine the challenges of replacing the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System Replacement Medical Center in New Orleans. Topics inlcude integrating new construction with a historic building renovation, meeting advanced sustainability standards, and satisfying the VA's healthcare, education, research, and emergency preparedness guidelines."


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Anonymous said...

When the LSU/VA footprint was first proposed by the Regional Planning Commission in 2007, Caitlin Cain of the RPC was married to Kurt Weigle of the DDD, GNOBEDD and New Orleans Medical Complex, Inc. Synergy?