Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Work Resumes on Moved Houses on Bienville

As of yesterday afternoon, work appeared to have resumed on the moved VA Footprint houses that now reside in the "Bienville Cluster" around Bienville and S. Derbigny near Two Sisters Restaurant.  It's my understanding that the lots are owned by Providence Community Housing, an arm of Catholic Charities in New Orleans.

Today, crews from LA's Best were at work again on a number of the houses, which were among the earliest moved off the VA site.  A worker told me the buildings are being cleaned out inside and the roofs, already partially restored on the buildings months ago, are being shingled and completed.

Here's a closer look at the subcontractor signage that appeared on all of the houses in the cluster (zoom in for more details):

The clustered buildings sit on what once was a school site.  The old base of a former flagpole still marks the spot:

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