Friday, March 4, 2011

"Banksy" Building Demolished in LSU Footprint

The building at the corner of Cleveland Avenue and S. Derbigny, which once sported the Abe Lincoln graffiti by the artist Banksy, was demolished in the past few days...yet another demolition in the LSU Footprint.

Nearby, crews continued site preparation at the corner of Cleveland Avenue and S. Claiborne, where parcels were cleared.

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Anonymous said...

The Banksy building was one of many properties within the LSU footprint owned by members Herdman family, descendants of Ike Herdman.

When Ike Herdman died in 1916, leaving approximately $500,000 in real estate which included a large amount of rental property in Storyville, the state attempted to claim the estate for itself on the basis that heirs in Russia had failed to claim it within five years. Furthermore, the state claimed, there was no treaty between Russia and the United States which would allow foreign heirs to inherit property in Louisiana. A controversial and protracted legal battle ensued even as some of the heirs in Russia died of starvation. Ike Herdman's attorney and real estate advisor was Felix Dreyfous.