Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mardi Gras Day in Treme

As I trekked through Treme yesterday, en route to the tail end of the Zulu Parade on Basin Street, I saw the destination lots of two of the final moved homes from the VA Footprint.  The little purple house above, once in the 2400 block of Cleveland Avenue, looks like it will fit right in with the varied streetscape.

Down the street, however, the former home of Deborah Brown-Cassine was sticking out like a bit of a sore thumb near The Candlelight lounge as Mardi Gras Indians headed over toward the Bridge.  Sans camelback hump and without even its distinctive perpendicular front porch roof, the building barely fits on the lot that it was placed on.  I hope a way can be found to minimize the intrusiveness and reinvigorate the building as its rehabilitated.

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