Sunday, March 13, 2011

Property Acquisition Surges in LSU Footprint

The LSU Board of Supervisors continued expropriations in the LSU Footprint in February and March (records show two parcels were expropriated on March 1, 2011). 

Transfers of parcels increased in February after a long lull, due in part to the title records crisis at CDC.

The LSU Board and "Division of Administration Office of the Governor" paid the following prices for properties (it's not clear if these were expropriations or mere sales), according to a listing of transfers between Feb. 17-23:

1905-07 Cleveland Avenue - $198,260

2024 Cleveland Avenue - $164,000

2038-40 Cleveland Avenue - $120,000

1827 Palmyra Street - $138,000

1915-17 Palmyra Street - $200,000

2127 Palmyra Street - $171,800

1809 Tulane Avenue - $65,000

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Anonymous said...

Since some transfers seem to be to the Governor's Office while others are to LSU's Board of Supervisors, are state funding sources being tapped to pay for land assembly?

Is H.E.A.L. still actively involved in biomedical land assembly as it in the 1970s?