Thursday, June 16, 2011

Still Watching Dixie

Yesterday, the VA noted that it will be removing 25 feet of the canopy along the white wooden portion of the Dixie Brewery that fronts Tulane Avenue:

Dixie Brewery update

Ladies and Gentlemen,
On May 26, 2011, VA provided SHPO with information related to the existing canopy of the Dixie Brewery. VA proposes to remove approximately 25 feet of canopy, beginning at the original masonry structure west along Tulane Avenue to afford access to construction machinery as well as provide a safe work environment for personnel to conduct portions of the Dixie Brewery Feasibility Study as required by the Programmatic Agreement.

On June 8, 2022, SHPO determined the proposed canopy removal would not constitute an adverse effect because a portion of the extant canopy will remain.
Correspondence between VA and SHPO has been posted to the FTP site in a folder labeled "Dixie Brewery" and is available on
Thank you.

I'm not sure how the State Historic Preservation Office managed to make a determination of no adverse effect.  I'm also not sure how the State Historic Preservation Office managed to make said determination from in the the year 2022.

Substantively, 25 feet seems excessive for merely facilitating the structural study.  It sounds like a stealth move toward demolition that will somehow suddenly be inevitable or unavoidable given the change in condition.

Here's more of the latest on Dixie Brewery.

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