Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Copper heading out of McDonogh No. 11 School

This morning, I thought it was curious that contractors were walking around inside the fence at McDonogh No. 11 School in the UMC Footprint.  See above.

This afternoon, I caught workers for Midwest Missouri Contractors, presumably a subcontractor on the project, carrying what appeared to be large sections of copper piping out of the building.  See below.

I am not certain what the next step for the school building is...but the state had better be able to demonstrate that it is using "best efforts" - in the legal sense - to move the building, as required by the City Council's street revocation ordinance.

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Anonymous said...

Midwest Missouri Contractors does not appear to be listed in either the state's corporation database or LaTrac, the state's transparency and accountability website and contract database.

Who are they? If they are project sub-contractors, then questions still remain. Are there no Louisiana companies qualified to remove metal from buildings?