Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Before the hospital board met the New Orleans City Council voted to give the medical center control of streets in the project's footprint."

"Smaller Hospital Needed"

Fox8 seems to be getting it with this piece on today's UMC Board meeting.  The report delves into what the Kaufman-Hall presentation might mean for New Orleans:

The consultants said to make the $ 1.2 billion medical complex work $ 75 to $100 million in state funds will need to be infused into it annually to maintain sufficient cash flow.

"And frankly there are a lot of risks out there as well too," said Majka.

"These are not inconsequential risks when I look at the state sources, it's going to be paying for 17 to 20 percent of our budget," said Board member Dr. Byron Harrell.

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