Saturday, June 11, 2011

Absolutely Not - WWLTV gets multiple facts wrong in UMC reporting

"The land is cleared for the new University Medical Center in Mid-City"

WWLTV Channel 4 gets a fundamental fact seriously wrong.  It's dangerously misleading because it has the potential to influence the debate on the UMC alternate proposal significantly.  And it's just sloppy, sloppy reporting.

The UMC footprint has not been cleared. The VA Footprint has been cleared.

Over 25 historic structures remain in the UMC Footprint, along with over a dozen other buildings.  Many parcels have been razed and cleared, but to say that the entire area has been cleared is factually incorrect.

WWLTV, like the Times-Picayune, then fails to mention the fact that the Vitter-Kennedy-Tucker plan calls for building in the Charity Shell...and only building in the current UMC footprint if building in Charity is not feasible for some reason.  Instead, WWL drops this mischaracterization of the plan:

The plan calls for the state to purchase Tulane Hospital downtown and Tulane's Lakeside Hospital in Metairie.
The state would also build a new 250-bed hospital on the land cleared in Mid-City.

I don't get it.  Is there no media outlet in town that will actually read the alternate proposal and report on it factually?

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