Monday, June 6, 2011


A story in The Advocate...continues the UMC drum beat of uncertainty.


Anonymous said...

If it is privately financed, doesn't that open the project up to even more expropriation lawsuits because private property will have been expropriated with public monies for private re-development?

Brad V said...

It certainly does raise questions - and issues that have already been asserted in different forms in the various legal cases in progress over expropriations. It likely hinges on the exact degree of control and involvement by the private entities that might be involved. And how courts view the nature of the UMC Board itself.

The state itself has continuously hedged its talk of placing retail along the Canal and Tulane faces of the UMC site (because the city demanded retail "activation" of the streetscapes) noting that it will do so if legally permissible.