Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Few Streets Remain in VA Hospital Footprint

Today, I found a patch of Cleveland Avenue torn up just below S. Tonti Street.  Cleveland is also no longer a street just outside the Footprint from S. Rocheblave to S. Dorgenois - it's torn up several feet below grade (affecting people who don't even live in the Footprint in a major way).

A patch of Palmyra Street, too, was gone - the block above Outer Banks. 

Thus, two of the remaining thoroughfares through the site were drastically limited today.  Technically, there is no longer a legal way to get through the streets of the VA Footprint - if you still count one-way requirements.  To drive through the Footprint, for those of you familiar with the site, one would have to drive the wrong way up Palmyra Street from S. Galvez, turn on S. Tonti and head up the one-way on Cleveland to S. Rocheblave, which is not really a street at this point, and turn left to head across the dirt over to Banks.

That's just fair warning to anyone attempting to drive or walk through. 

Still, it does not seem that law enforcement has been overly stringently in requiring adherence to the old one-way requirements, which is fortunate for the residents and the business that remain.  I would be cautious nonetheless.

UPDATE: Staff at Outer Banks bar say the police have okayed using what's left of Palmyra Street as a two-way street.

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