Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cold Sunday

I've been down to my antiquated cellphone camera for a while now (a new charger for the main camera is on the way), but here are a few rough shots from the VA Hospital Footprint as of this afternoon.

Above, Cleveland Avenue between S. Galvez and S. Tonti has been torn out by heavy machinery.  At left, the S.W. Green mansion remains.  A host of house moving apparatus has been moved to an adjacent lot, though - the most tangible sign I've seen that a move of the large property make actually be in the works.

Driving up the newly 2-way Palmyra Street above S. Galvez, one passes a mere four houses en route to Outer Banks Bar.  In spring of 2010, a motorist heading illegally up that one-way stretch would have passed about 25 structures.

At Palmyra and S. Tonti, a new temporary stop sign has been erected near the large police vehicle on the corner.  A sign out in front of the bar announced the Jazz Funeral that happened last night.

About 10 vehicles were gathered outside the bar this afternoon as loud shouts could be heard coming from the patrons gathered inside for the Saints game.  Louis was outside cooking BBQ.  A few camera-wielding individuals made their way along the torn-up road that used to be S. Tonti between Banks and Palmyra over to the bar as I departed.

Heading down Palmyra through the LSU Footprint, an army of cars lined the streets - many sporting black and gold clues as to their owners' afternoon activities.

UPDATE:  Here's a photo from the start end of the Jazz Funeral from a friend:

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