Friday, December 10, 2010


If you click on the photo to enlarge it to full size, you'll see the vacancies left by over a dozen buildings in the VA Hospital Footprint.  More of that subset were demolished than moved.  You can see all the way to Canal Street from Tulane Avenue - with just a scattered few houses remaining.

At present, here's my quick count of what's left:

Tate Services building on Banks (being torn down)
Ruth Sanderson's house - Palmyra Street
Now-vacant home next to Sanderson
Gaynell Blatcher's house - Palmyra Street
Robert Roger's house - Palmyra Street (visible above at far right in expanded photo)
Outer Banks Bar - Palmyra at S. Tonti
S.W. Green House - What used to be S. Miro (not moved)
Purple house - Cleveland Avenue
Deborah Brown-Cassine home - Cleveland Avenue
Gray double shotgun - S. Tonti (visible above at left)
Boudreaux's Tires - Tulane Avenue
Dixie Brewery - Tulane Avenue
Pumphouse - What used to be Palmyra at S. Rocheblave

In addition, four houses on Cleveland Avenue remain for ostensible relocation as part of the overall VA complex.  The former Pan-Am building on Canal Street stands as well, the only building under VA control at this time.

Finally, one house up on wheels from S. Miro is currently sitting on a vacant lot at Tulane Avenue and S. Miro, moved from it's former site, but not off the VA Footprint.

So, depending on how you look at it, 18 or 19 buildings remain in the VA Footprint.

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