Monday, April 11, 2011

Vitter Slams UMC Effort to Obtain HUD Mortgage Insurance


He also suggests going back into the existing Charity Hospital.

Letter itself will be appearing here shortly.


UPDATE: Here is the letter, in two images:


Anonymous said...

On Thursday, April 7th, Times-Picayune reporter Bill Barrow wrote that state building coordinator Jerry Jones "... repeated the administration's willingness to pursue third-party financing for some components of the campus if the UMC Corp. -- a state-affiliated entity created last year to run the new teaching hospital when it opens -- cannot come up with the money, for whatever reason.”

The UMC Management Corporation is not, as Jones’ statement clearly inferred, a newly-created management company.

According to the Secretary of State’s corporation database, University Medical Center Management Corporation (A major affiliate of LSU pursuant to LA. R.S. 17:3390) is a non-profit which was first incorporated in October 2005 (charter #36029275 N) under the name Earl K. Long Medical Foundation, Inc. The company name changed and its articles were revised in July 2010.

Anonymous said...

That is quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Did the non-profit and tax-exempt Earl K. Long Medical Foundation file Form 990 for any of the past five years?