Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Set Up

A parking lot in the 1900 block of Tulane Avenue sat waiting for the Monday UMC "groundbreaking" across from the existing LSU complex.


Anonymous said...

The parking lots and barbed wire are the legacy of a 1970s land grab on the other side of Tulane. During the Moon Landrieu adminstration, the biomedical urban renewal initiative was pushed forward under the city's Community Improvement Agency and the state's Health Education Authority of Louisiana (HEAL).

Anonymous said...

Yes - like father, like son.

Anonymous said...

Moon created the Core Area Development District which renamed itself the Downtown Development District. Then, as now, the DDD was involved in land assembly.

While the public have been watching LSU and the VA,executives and former executives from the DDD and RPC have planned and promoted an ever-expanding biodistrict with a minimum of public oversight and accountability.