Monday, June 21, 2010

The Mysterious Man in the Red Bandana

Today, on my visit to the VA footprint, I encountered this person fiddling with what looked like some sort of recording device (or explosive device, really) outside the door of the old Frenchman Inn, just across from the site of the demolition pictured in the preceding post.

He then took up a seat across the way in the beveled entrance of the old Alex's, a creole cottage/corner store.

I went up to introduce myself, and he seemed suspicious.  Even after I explained (twice) what I do and what my take was on the demolitions, he refused to tell me what his interest was in the whole affair and why he was there.

Very strange.

ADDED: 6.23.10 - After speaking with a member of the site crew today, the item was actually, to the crew's credit, a vibration monitor.  In no way did I intend to insinuate that the crew was trying to "blow up" the buildings in the footprint.  I simply observed objectively when the man in the bandana - who was not wearing the standard brightly colored work vest - refused to tell me what he was up to.

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