Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Sign of the Times

With respect to LSU funding.

ht/Sandra S


Brian Robinson said...

Thanks for keeping up on this. I am involved in a Mid-City preservation effort from afar, having volunteered in New Orleans post-Katrina, knew about the Charity battle, never knew about plans to demolish the entire neighborhood around it to build the proposed new hospital -- nobody told me till I saw it on Spike Lee's new documentary. Efforts to save New Orleans communities are underfunded and underfocused... when the documentary aired, I went to Save Charity (the website touted in the docu) and it is DORMANT since April! No posts, no documentation of the ongoing destruction, no record of what is happening. Someone needs to revive that website because it'll get a lot of hits in the wake of Spike Lee's new film!

Brad V said...

Thanks for the note, Brian - both of the hard working founders of the site, Eli and Jonah, are headed off to school.

But efforts are underway to continue the fight.

See the post above for information on the latest effort.