Thursday, April 29, 2010

Demolition Slated to Move to Cleveland Avenue Today

In a piece noting that four properties total could be demolished today, the Times-Pic lays out data on property acquisition inside the VA and LSU footprints:

There are 194 parcels in the VA site. As of early March, the date of the latest summary released by the state, 178 properties had been appraised, with the 16 remaining appraisals begun; 160 initial appraisals had been reviewed, with 144 approved and 91 offers made to owners. Of the offers made, 37 had been accepted, with 54 still in process. The state had completed nine closings.

The state site comprises 245 parcels. As of the March report, 213 had completed appraisals, with 32 not yet complete; 198 appraisals had been reviewed, with 163 approved and 120 offers made to owners. Forty-seven owners had accepted offers, with 73 outstanding. The state had completed seven closings. 

Nine out of 194...and 7 out of 245.  There's a lot of ground that remains to be covered, especially in the VA footprint where the site is to be cleared by the end of July.

Here's a look at 2410-12 Cleveland Street, one of the four properties that might be demolished today.  As of about 4:00 p.m. yesterday, the crews had not even begun salvage work on the property:

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